Electrical Control Design / Build / Test

When you need electrical controls, whether a single panel or reoccurring quantities, accuracy, aesthetics and delivery are keys to your success. For over 50 years, Eagle Engineering has designed and assembled thousands electrical control systems for numerous industrial control systems. Our electrical controls shop has assembled and tested control systems for a wide variety of material handling and industrial systems as diverse as:

  • aggregate crushing & screening
  • automotive subassembly
  • bulk powder distribution & loading
  • burner & oven controls
  • concrete block manufacture & handling
  • large scale industrial piping
  • manufacturing plant air cleaning
  • synthetic iron oxide pigment dispensing

When you have need of a new or redesigned control system for your application, we have the experience and ability to provide the solution you need for modern, safe and reliable controls for your application. Call us today at: 800-824-1085 or email us at: sales@eaglecompanies.com.