You are looking at the Xeriflo™. A powder dispenser designed for the rugged demands of the powder industry. Years of development have brought a machine to the market that is second to none. The Xeriflo™ technology has proven to be a leader in the European market. Fully functional machine of this type on the market today. We have listened to the needs of the industry and believe that this is the answer so many people have asked for. Coupled with Eagle Engineering’s reputation for service and customer satisfaction, your purchase decision should be an easy one. Still not sure? Contact us and we will answer your questions and show you how the Xeriflo™ will fit into your application. Whatever you decide your future needs are, make sure that the Xeriflo™ is part of them.

The Xeriflo™ powder dispenser was developed to effectively deliver iron oxide pigments or any other powder. Because of its simple, uncomplicated design, it has proven over and over to be one of the industries leaders for accuracy and reliability.

  • Vibratory feeders eliminate screws
  • Coarse and fine metering of pigment
  • Pneumatic conveying of pigment
  • Load color directly from super sacks
  • User defined name and color formulas
  • Feed multiple mixers
  • Meter compact or granule type pigments
  • Single modules, extendable any time
  • Separate product lines, no contamination
  • High dosing accuracy through patented discharging device
  • Height adjustable Big-Bag steel rack with lifting hook
  • American made


Each color module consists of: Dispensing unit with integrated surge bin, big-bag rack and lifting hook
Number of color modules 1 to 6
Volume of surge hopper 10.6 ft³
Volume of weighing vessel 1.25 ft³
Control system Embedded
Operator interface Windows
Multi-language display User selectable: English, Español, Français, Deutsch
Network connectivity Ethernet
Control Automatic/Manual
Accuracy +/- 0.04 lb.
Weighing speed 66 lbs./min.
Discharge speed 2.25 lbs./sec.
Average cycle time for 40 lb. batch 90 seconds
Multiple blends Up to six
Formula names User defined
Color names User defined
Alarms Local, remote
Inventory control User defined
Batch history Included
Operating voltage 230/460VAC 50/60 Hz
Air dryer Required
Dust collector Recommended
Required air supply 35 CFM @ 120 PSI, 1” NPTInstrument quality air(ANSI/ISA S7.0.01-1996)
Per color module 14’6” high x 4’2” wide x 3’8”(Including bag rack)

*All specifications are subject to specific application conditions and are subject to change without notice.