Eagle Air Scrubber

The Eagle Air Scrubber is a high efficiency Air Scrubber. The Eagle removes contaminates in the sub-micron range and fits a wide range of in plant pollution problems. The Eagle collects mist, dust and some smoke contaminates. The Eagle ranges in standard sizes from 5,000 CFM to 40,000 CFM. Larger units can be quoted on request.

  1. Fan Section – Fans and Motors are engineered to meet the static requirements of the system and are AMCA Certified. Sound attenuators are available to meet your in-plant Sound Spec’s. (Clean Air discharged to plant atmosphere).
  2. Ammeter – Monitors the fan motor loading.
  3. Moisture Eliminator – This section removes the moisture from the clean air by impengement. The design of the Eliminators causes the air flow to change directions several times drying the air as it passes.
  4. Pump – The chair mounted non-clogging pump is mounted with four bolts for easy removal. All bearings are above the water level. The pump can be removed without draining the solution tank.
  5. Wash Section – The adjustable wash section forces the wetting of contaminates by mixing the incoming contaminated air with high volume of water (coolant). The contaminated air and water are accelerated through the wash section (increase in static pressure).
  6. Drag Conveyor – The DCS provides an area for Static Pressure drop to allow contaminates to drop out of the solution and sufficient time for the settling out of contaminates are removed by the Drag Conveyor.