This is the Aerogran™, a state of the art granular dispenser designed for the rugged demands of the concrete masonry unit industry. Years of development have brought a system to the market that is second to none. The Aerogran’s™ long proven successful history of more than 20 years speaks for itself. We have listened to the needs of the industry and believe this is the system that many concrete block and paver owners and plant managers have asked for. Coupled with Eagle Engineering’s reputation for service and customer satisfaction, your purchase decision should be an easy one. Still not sure? Contact us and we will answer your questions and show you how the Aerogran™ will fit into your application. Whatever you decide your future needs are, make sure that the Aerogran™ is part of them.

The Aerogran™ granular dispenser was developed to effectively deliver the iron oxide pigments commonly known as “C” (compact) and “G” (granule) grade. Because of its simple, uncomplicated design, it has proven over and over to be one of the industries leaders for accuracy and reliability. The original dispenser built back in the 1990’s continues to deliver granular color just like the day it was put into service.

  • Vibratory feeders eliminate screws
  • Coarse and fine metering of pigment
  • Pneumatic conveying of pigment into cyclones or directly into mixers
  • Load color directly from super sacks
  • User defined name and color formulas
  • Feed multiple mixers
  • Meter compact or granule type pigments
  • American made


Single mixer 2 or 3 mixers
Standard features: Standard features:
PC/PLC based controls PC/PLC based controls
Touch Screen control system Touch Screen control system
Up to 5 colors Up to 5 colors
Feeds a single mixer Feeds up to three mixers
Surge hoppers with integrated feed system Surge hoppers with integrated feed system
Unitized weigh/discharge chamber assembly Unitized weigh/discharge chamber assembly
Steel big bag support racks Steel big bag support racks
Steel big bag lifting hooks Steel big bag lifting hooks
66 pounds per batch 66 pounds per batch (per vessel)
Discharge hose Discharge hose
Options: Options:
Dust collector Dust collector
Removable color module(s) Removable color module(s)
Up to 225 pounds per batch Up to 225 pounds per batch (per vessel)
Remote operator interface Remote operator interface
Holding Pods / Cyclones Holding Pods / Cyclones
Controls incorporated into plant batching Controls incorporated into plant batching
Corner or square configuration Corner or square configuration
3 weigh vessels operating simultaneously

Listed are the most common options, we can also accommodate many custom requirements

Accuracy^ .01 lb.
Repeatability .02 lb.
Number of stored formulas 120 up to unlimited using PC
Multiple blends Four to 6 per formula
Formula names User defined
Silo names User defined
Control components Allen-Bradley, Eaton
Number of silos (base colors) 3, 4, 5, 6
Inventory control User defined
Batch printer Optional
Multiple mixer operation Optional
Operator interface Color touch screen or PC based
Control Automatic/manual
Batch capacity 0.10 lbs to 66 lbs (2 cu/ft standard)
Typical cycle time 40 lb. batch 60 seconds, 4 colors
Alarms local, remote
Electrical protection Circuit breakers
Operating voltage 120 volt, 50/60 Hz.
Air requirements 35 CFM @ 100 psi Instrument quality air (ANSI/ISA S7.0.01-1996)
Air dryer Required
Dust collector Required
Maximum dispensing distances* 100′ of hose (30′ rise) Longer distances with proper design and location
Space requirements 17’H x 17’W x 4’D
Remote display Optional

Characteristics listed are for both the single mixer system and the multiple mixer system.

^ User configurable for Metric base units
* Based on 30 lb. iron oxide