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Ready Mix Dispensing System


The Viper combines simple, effective operation with accuracy and versatility. It is designed to meet the growing needs of the colored concrete industry.  

For years the primary way to add color in a ready mix truck was by the driver hauling powder to the top of the truck and dumping it in. This has the potential for operator error and injury & requires you to stock hundreds of different pre-blended powder colors. 

 Gone are the days of having to order blended powder in advance of the job. By stocking only 4 primary colors, the Viperprovides the ability to supply your customers with the vast variety of color blends that they demand, on the same day. The Vipercan lower color inventory costs because it blends-to-order. No longer will there be those unused bags of a blended powder leftover, but more importantly, you will never be short of blended color.



Characteristics listed below are inclusive for the different configurations.

Viper™ Characteristics


+/- 0.1 lb. or +/- 0.1 kg

Number of stored formulas


Number of base colors

Up to 5

Formula names

User Defined

Pump names

User Defined

Inventory control

User Controlled

Control system

Programmable Logic Controller

Operator interface

10.4” Color Touch Screen


Automatic or Manual

Weigh chamber

Teflon Coated Steel

Chamber capacity*

450 or 600 lbs. (204 or 272 kg.)


Peristaltic Reversing

Pump flow rate

2 GPM or 7 GPM.

Discharge to truck

Gravity or Pumped

Operating voltage

120V 1-Phase Standard

 240V 3-Phase with 7-GPM pumps


Local, Remote

Serial Printer


Weigh vessel size

36 X 36 X 68 inches

Interface enclosure size

20 x 16 x 8 inches

*Based upon 15 pounds per gallon of liquid color


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